Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Recent Purchases Haul

Hi everyone!

I haven't done a favourites post in about a gazillion years, so I have literally no idea what I've talked about and what I haven't. So rather than do that, I figured I could do a haul style post where I share with you some of my recent purchases. I hope you enjoy!

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the most exciting - I bought Peter Alexander pyjamas!! I love this shop and always stare at the different collections when I walk past but it's just wayyy too expensive for me to even consider buying pair. But they were having a sale for half price and I just could resist.
I bought a super cute pair with Harry Potter characters on it (sorry about the crinkles - they've been my pyjamas of choice this week). I also got a pair after one of my favourite movies, Dirty Dancing. I did not know these existed and they're basically the greatest thing ever. You can get the Dirty Dancing pair here but I couldn't find the Harry Potter one's anymore, they must have sold out. Check out the website though as they have some gorgeous pyjamas! Mum got a Lion King pair (sold out) and Kiara got a pair of ones with constellations that make dogs. Love love love.

This is a very random haul so brace yourself! As a child I was a big fan of Enid Blyton, and in particular the Famous Five - they were literally the greatest books in the world to me. Lately I've been wanting to get into the colouring books, Kiara has quite a few and it got me interested. So when I saw this one with the Famous Five I just had to get it! I've only done a couple so far but it's very relaxing and I'm really enjoying it.
My other random purchases is a metal water bottle with Little Miss Princess on it which I got from Aldi. I love it.

I made my first purchase from Topshop recently which was pretty exciting. I've been looking everywhere for a decent black denim skirt but haven't been able to find the style I want, until I was randomly looking on the Topshop website one day. I looked in store for it but couldn't find it and ended up having to buy online which I'm not doing again because it was such a hassle with the currency conversion. But I love the skirt and it's petite so it actually fits me lengthwise. But I have to say - I'm so used to wearing longer skirts it feels like I'm showing off a lot of skin! I also got a really pretty top, which I believe you can get in petite, tall, and the normal range. The embroidery is a lovely quality and I'm really happy with my purchases.

 I have been looking for a summer dress all season and have dismally failed (why are they all so shapeless!!) but I have finally stumbled across a playsuit I liked and is (for once) easy to get in and out of, so it's my replacement dress. I found it at Cotton On of all places and I absolutely love it. It's not too thick for an Australian summer and I think it really suits my body shape.
I also tried my first bodysuit and I think I am in love. Never ever has anything tucked in so nicely and flattered my body so well. I am definitely on the hunt for more of these in other colours. (Only complaint: the poppers at the bottom felt a little funny at first!)

 Is this weird to share on the internet? I don't know and I don't care because I neeeed to talk about these bras. They are the prettiest things I have ever owned and I love them so much. The pair at the top has constellations and the prettiest lace back ever. It's also ridiculously comfortable which is a bonus. (They're Bonds and I found them online here) The other pair is from Cotton On Body and is a really soft material with little rainbow sparkles all over them. I'm definitely comfort driven with my underwear so the fact that these are soo pretty and also comfortable makes me really happy. They're also underwire free so I'm clearly living my best life with these.

In the same vein as delicates, for the first time in my life I bought myself a piece of jewelery. It was pretty cheap but I had looked at in the window for so long I couldn't ignore it anymore. It is just a simple sterling silver chain necklace with little balls all over it, and I just think it is so gorgeous. It hangs at a really nice length and if I could wear this everyday I would (damn you work). You can find it here.

Ages ago I bought I new quilt cover (I just love bed sheets, I don't know why but I do) and the pattern is so pretty! I got it from Ikea for a reasonable price and it's super comfortable. My only complaint is how easily it crinkles.

And finally, with the Christmas money from my Grandparent's I did something a little wild - I bought a pair of vans! I have a pair of burgundy converse that I absolutely love but I have to wear fifty bandaids or I end up with blisters. Because of that I've been on the hunt for a pair of causal sneakers to wear uni and be comfortable in. There are so many options it's kind of overwhelming but these fit my feet really well and (so far) haven't given me any blisters. I also think the plain black suits my wardrobe well so I'm plenty happy with this purchase. Plus, they were on sale!

And there we have it - my recent purchases that I have been loving. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what you've bought recently!

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